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Hiring a Babysitter

Published January - 7 - 2009 Print This Post

babyFeeling a little like the umbilical chord is still attached?

It’s time to get out of the house for an hour or two or three. Maybe a quiet, romantic dinner with your best friend will help. Or better yet, how about a weekend retreat with a good book and a bubble bath?

It may sound like a good idea until you start looking for someone to take care of your children with allergies, asthma, hives, eczema, and food allergies!

Aside from the obvious candidates – grandparents, other family members, godparents, and neighbors – responsible teenage babysitters can also take temporary but excellent care of your cherubs with allergies and asthma.

* Interview prospective babysitters to determine their interest in caring for children with special health needs.

* Ask for references from other parents.

* Hire the babysitter to spend an afternoon or two with you and the children. Use this time to teach the babysitter about your child’s special needs.

* Post emergency contact information and instructions on the refrigerator door or other clearly visible and accessible location.

* Leave a written letter giving permission to authorize treatment in the unlikely event that you cannot be reached in an emergency.

* Never leave your child in the care of another person when their asthma symptoms are not under good control.