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Asthma Awareness Day Capitol Hill Podcast part 1

Published May - 1 - 2009 Print This Post

  • Nancy Sander, AANMA president and founder, opening remarks.
    “Asthma deaths should not only be stopped—it’s a goal that’s long overdue.”
  • Nancy Sander introducing Juanita Rembert, whose granddaughter died from asthma. “I feel our family should have been given more education about asthma.”

    “Tamika was too young to die.”
    “I want Congress to make sure that all patients, including Medicare patients like little Jaleel, get asthma care, prevention, advice and family education.”
  • Nancy Sander introducing Stuart Stoloff, MD, family practice physician from Nevada. 
  • Stuart Stoloff.
    “This document, in fact, is only as good as the doctors’ incorporation of the recommendations of the document, so, otherwise it’s a piece of paper.”