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Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Published November - 30 - 2009 Print This Post

nancy1If you’re you one of those people whose sinuses foretell approaching storms before Doppler Radar picks it up, you are not alone. In fact, there’s plenty of research supporting a link between thunderstorms and increased emergency department visits due to asthma.

Whether or not weather is a factor in provoking your symptoms, the Weather Underground website,, is chock full of goodies. For example, the Flu Map is updated by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The Air Quality Index Map is a snap to read.

Families using AANMA’s AsthmaTracker™ can add a line to track the Air Quality Index along with symptoms and medication use to see if there’s a correlation over time. (To order the AsthmaTracker daily diary system, call 800-878-4403.)

While you’ve got your eye on the skies, go to to track the International Space Station over the next 10 days. Some say you can see it during the day!

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