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AANMA Friends In Haiti: An Update

Published January - 26 - 2010 Print This Post

AANMA members Caleb and Debbie Lucien of Pignon, Haiti, send the following relief efforts update (click to read the letter from Caleb). Last week, AANMA sent EpiPen auto-injectable epinephrine to Haiti. We’re working with Forest and Monaghan to send AeroChamber holding chambers in every size available, and we’re hoping to secure medications for respiratory patients. You’ll see a list of urgent needs in the letter from Caleb, but remember, he’s only asking for the very basics.

Those who can send money, please do. Those who can send clothing, coloring books, stickers, diapers, baby formula, bed linens and soap – these too are items that soothe the hearts of those who suffer so greatly. We ask our medical care provider members to consider sending samples from your supply closets and asking your colleagues to do the same. When shipping items, please let us know so that we can post an inventory of what was sent on our website and say thank you!

To ship items to Haiti, use this address:

Caleb Lucien/Hosean International (Relief Supplies)

3170 Airmans Drive, Unit 1076 HIM

Fort Pierce, FL 34946

To pay for shipping from the U.S. to Haiti, it’s helpful if you also send a check for $1.75/pound to the same address but in a separate envelope (the check could get lost if it’s shipped with the box).

For those of you asking, Debbie and Caleb’s daughter is recovering nicely from pneumonia, which struck a few days after the earthquake.

Thank you for your support of our many friends in Haiti!