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My Asthma and Allergy Journey

Published November - 15 - 2010 Print This Post

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“No one gave me a crystal ball when my child was born. No one said: ‘One day, your child will be diagnosed with asthma.’ If they had, I could have prepared – read a book, taken a class. Instead, I found myself at the doctor’s office hearing the word asthma – and not knowing what to do next.”

That’s how Kathleen Elder felt when the doctor diagnosed her son William with asthma and she came to AANMA for help.

Our conversations with Kathleen inspired new resources, including a Newly Diagnosed column in AANMA’s Allergy & Asthma Today magazine. On Nov. 13, 2010 – AANMA’s 25th anniversary – we launched a new blog, “My Asthma and Allergy Journey,” specifically for parent bloggers of kids who’ve just been diagnosed with asthma and/or allergies – and Kathleen is our lead parent blogger!