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Readin’, Writin’ and Breathin’

Published February - 24 - 2011 Print This Post

Clean air in the classroom, cafeteria and gym is a must for all children to learn and have fun at school. AANMA is a co-sponsor with Healthy Schools Network to help parents, teachers and students transform their schools into breathe-easy zones! Healthy Schools Network coordinates National Healthy Schools Day each year in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Get in on the action! Here’s what you can do locally right now:

-Does your school have an IAQ (indoor air quality) program or committee? See for how to celebrate IAQ successes or help create a new program to make sure students have breathable indoor air all school-year long.

-Need more help? Find ideas for activities, learning tools, conference call sign ups, and more at — register and share what activities you have planned.

-Register your activity online today online to put Your School IAQ on the Map!  

-Download AANMA’s FREE Indoor AIRepair: At School kit — a colorful guide to reducing irritants and allergens at your school. Created by AANMA with funding from the EPA.