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Innovations in Technology Award Winners!

On May 9, 2012 @ 11:51 am In All Articles

AANMA announces the Top Ten Innovations in Technology Awards — products and services that have meaningfully improved quality of life for people with allergies, asthma and related conditions.

“When you think about it, most asthma and anaphylaxis medications, from inhalers to auto-injectable epinephrine, are actually a combination of drug plus device — that is, technology,” AANMA Founder and President Nancy Sander [1]says. “Our organization’s sole mission is to eliminate needless suffering and death due to allergies, asthma and related conditions. We’ve identified 10 innovative technologies that move us closer to this goal when used within the context of the patient’s medical history and treatment plan.”

Allergy and asthma care has come a long way in a relatively short period of time,” says Stanley Fineman, MD, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology. “What that means is that we can offer patients a quality of life not possible before.”

Device innovators and manufacturers were honored at the 15th annual Allergy & Asthma Day Capitol Hill [2] on Thurs., May 10, 2012. Visitors explored winning devices – along with AANMA’s “Out of the Dark Ages…”  display of antique asthma devices and medications — at the Innovations in Technology Health Fair.



Advair Diskus®
First dry powder inhaler that simplifies asthma care by combining an inhaled corticosteroid with a long-acting bronchodilator in one device.GlaxoSmithKline http://www.advair.com/ [3]


• AeroChamber Plus Flow-Vu™ Valved Holding Chamber
Holding chamber traps and holds medication particles long enough to be inhaled over a matter of moments instead of split seconds; Flow-Vu valve allows parents of young children to see when medication is inhaled. Monaghan Medical Corporation; marketed by Forest Laboratories http://www.aerochambervhc.com/ [5]


• Aeroneb®Go Micropump Nebulizer
Easy-to-carry, palm-size device silently and quickly converts liquid medication to a soft mist to be inhaled anywhere over a matter of minutes. Aerogen Inc. http://www.aerogen.com/products/aeroneb-go.html [7]

[8] • EpiPen® Auto-injector
Easy-to-use, patient-friendly auto-injector treats anaphylaxis and is more intuitive to use than early emergency epinephrine kits. Mylan Specialty http://www.epipen.com/ [9]
[10] • Niox Mino®
Easily detects airway inflammation by measuring the amount of exhaled nitric oxide (eNO) in a patient’s breath. Aerocrine http://www.aerocrine.com/en-US/niox-mino/ [11]
[12] • Qnasl™ Nasal Spray
First non-CFC, dry aerosol metered-dose corticosteroid nasal spray eliminates drips common to water-based sprays – includes an integrated dose counter, too. Teva Respiratory http://www.qnasl.com/ [13]
[14] • Respimat® Soft Mist™ Inhaler
Innovative inhaler with patients’ needs in mind: lightweight, portable, silent, has a dose counter, no batteries to replace and releases a soft mist without using propellants. Boehringer Ingelheim
[15] • uKnow™ Peanut ImmunoCAP® Molecular Allergy Test
Cutting-edge blood test identifies whether people are allergic to dangerous or more-benign peanut proteins, helping parents and patients create a food allergy management plan. ThermoFisher Scientific http://uknowpeanut.isitallergy.com/ [16]
[17] • Ventolin® HFA
First aerosol MDI with an integrated dose counter, allowing parents and patients to track inhaler use more easily – a life-saving change.GlaxoSmithKline http://www.ventolin.com/ [18]
[19] • Xolair®
First biologic medication interrupts allergic asthma episodes before they can get started – patients have called it life-changing. Genentech http://www.xolair.com/xolair/index.html [20]

–>Read our press release [21] announcing the winners.

–>Read “Out of the Dark Ages…,” [22] a feature article in the Summer 2012 issue of Allergy & Asthma Today magazine [23], for more details about the 10 winners and to learn about allergy and asthma remedies of yore.

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