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In the Know, In Control – Epi Everywhere! Every Day!™

Published August - 30 - 2012 Print This Post
For Superman, it’s kryptonite that leaves him gasping.

For Sally, it’s peanuts. Milk for Jamal. Shrimp for Mrs. Watson. And for the plumber? Bee stings.

That’s why these everyday heroes always carry two lifesaving epinephrine auto-injectors everywhere, every day!

Kids and adults with bad allergies stay away from the things that make them sick, just like Superman avoids kryptonite.

And like Superman, they know to expect the unexpected.

“You never know when you’ll need your epinephrine auto-injector,” says Sally.

“But you can always know where it is,” says Jamal, “with AANMA’s Epi Everywhere! Every Day!™ bag tags.”

Clip them to your purse, backpack, gym bag, or tool belt. Epi Everywhere! Every Day!™ bag tags tell the world that you are in control. You know what to do if faced with your version of kryptonite. Epi’s inside!

Order our Epi Everywhere! Every Day!™ bag tags today – for you, your friends or your school.

$3.00 shipping and handling costs.

Visit or call 800-878-4403.
Bulk orders are available.