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McLEAN, VA, FEBRUARY 13, 2013 – Meth addiction is a worldwide epidemic of unimaginable proportions, with an estimated 15,000 deaths in the United States alone last year. States with prescription-only pseudoephedrine laws show a decrease in meth labs, Read the rest of this entry »

McLEAN, VA, FEBRUARY 13, 2013 – Valentine’s Day often revolves around food—perhaps a dinner date at a nice restaurant or a box of chocolates for a loved one.  If you or a loved one has life-threatening food allergies, are you prepared? Preventing anaphylaxis requires the skill to ask questions about ingredients Read the rest of this entry »

Free 2013 Calendar If You Join Today

Published February - 14 - 2013

Check out AANMA’s “Fun, Fit and Breathing Free” Calendar featuring so many ways to get moving and grooving that you’ll find it difficult to sit still even with asthma and exercise-induced-bronchospasm. It’s free to new AANMA members, so join today!!! Read the rest of this entry »