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New York State Epinephrine Legislation Needs Your Support!

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[1]New York residents: join AANMA in supporting Senate Bill 2210 and Assembly Bill 2566 to permit students to carry and self-administer prescribed epinephrine auto-injectors during the school day.

Current proposed legislation in New York state, if passed, would make New York the 50th state to protect students’ rights to carry and self-administer their prescribed anaphylaxis medication. AANMA applauds Senators Michael H. Ranzenhofer and George D. Maziarz, authors of S2210, and Assembly Members Félix Oritz, Sandy Galef, William F. Boyland, Jr., and Linda B. Rosenthal, authors of A2566, for their leadership in introducing this legislation.

AANMA supports Senate Bill 2210 and Assembly Bill 2566, which would permit students to carry and self-administer auto-injectable epinephrine during the school day.

Data shows death from anaphylaxis happens more often when the individual is away from home and there is either a delay before epinephrine can be administered or it is not given at all.  Immediate access to lifesaving medications makes the difference.

In 2004, AANMA, working with 28 stakeholder groups, supported federal legislation that encouraged states to protect rights of students to carry and self-administer their lifesaving inhalers and auto-injectable epinephrine throughout the school day. Today, 50 states protect students’ rights to carry their inhalers and 49 protect students’ rights to carry auto-injectable epinephrine.

New York’s proposed legislation will ensure every student’s right to carry and self-administer prescribed lifesaving medications is protected across the nation.

We urge all New York legislators to support S2210 and A2566 and join the national movement so students can get on with the business of learning while confident their right to breathe and access to lifesaving medications during the school day is protected.

Please contact both of your legislators by phone or email and urge them to vote “YES” on S2210 and A2566. Find your Assembly and Senate representative at http://assembly.state.ny.us [2] and http://www.nysenate.gov [3].

It is your voice that will make the difference for students at risk of anaphylaxis living in New York. For more information, please contact advocacy@aanma.org [4] or 800-878-4403. Thank you for your help!

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