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My Personal Allergy & Asthma Guide

“Every allergy and asthma patient would greatly benefit from reading this important document, learning in a practical way how to truly attain freedom from allergy and asthma symptoms and improve their quality of life,” says William E. Berger, MD, author of Allergies & Asthma For Dummies and a board-certified allergist in Mission Viejo, Calif.

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Breathing for Two (APB)

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Expectant moms with asthma face special challenges. This 17-page booklet gives you straightforward, dependable answers from reliable experts.

Mikey’s Mom Didn’t Know Asthma Could Kill (MIKEY)

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Get the facts about asthma from this 14-page educational booklet: All asthma is serious and every child needs a written asthma management plan with instructions to prevent and treat asthma emergencies.