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Georgia has an act in place for using epinephrine in emergency situations.

Georgia’s stock epinephrine act

Congratulations!  Your state has passed stock-epinephrine laws or regulations that permit an emergency supply of epinephrine auto-injectors to be used in a school. However, our job is not done yet. Each law or regulation must be implemented or put into action by a board or an agency.

The agency or board will then issue administrative rules, guidelines or best practices explaining in detail how it intends to put the law into effect and what a mother, father, caregiver, physician, pharmacist or school nurse must do to comply with the law. AANMA is an active resource in these states assisting administrators in a seamless rollout of the stock-epinephrine laws.


ACE Team:

Kimberly Clay, FNP-BC and Stanley Fineman, MD of Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic
Marietta, GA

Eugene Hurwitz, MD of Center for Allergy and Asthma of Georgia
Villa Rica, GA

Tammy McChesney, CPC of Coastal Allergy and Asthma PC
Savannah, GA

Sample ACE Team Activity:

Dr. Fineman was interviewed for an anaphylaxis and meat article posted by the HuffPost Healthy Living section, on November 9, 2012:  “Meat Allergy: Alpha-Gal Reaction From Lone-Star Ticks More Common in Central, Southern US Regions”.

Dr. Fineman was a member of the 2012 ACE Team Faculty that presented the 2012 webinar, “Epi Everywhere Every Day! School-Based Anaphylaxis Preparedness:  Policies in Practice”

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