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New Jersey


Status of New Jersey’s stock epinephrine legislation:
A304, which requires schools to maintain supply of epinephrine and permit administration of epinephrine to any student having anaphylactic reaction, was introduced on January 16, 2014 and referred to the Assembly Education Committee. S801 was introduced on January 14, 2014, and referred to the Senate Education Committee.   New Jersey’s legislative session began January 14, 2014 and will adjourn on December 31, 2014.


ACE Team:

Margaret Berry of Mary Kay McMillin Early Childhood Center
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Robin Cogan of Dudley Elementary School
Camden, NJ

Lucille Winslow, RN, CSN of Lawrence High School
Lawrenceville, NJ

Elise Scheinberg
Marlboro, NJ

John Kim, MD of Cornerstone Allergy & Asthma Associates
Medford, NJ

Robert Coifman, MD of Allergy & Asthma of South Jersey
Millville, NJ

Melissa Dodge
Morristown, NJ

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About Anaphylaxis Community Experts (ACEs):
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