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‘Food Allergies’

Ask the Allergist: Oral Allergy Syndrome

Published May - 17 - 2012

By Richard Weber, MD

Q: Sometimes my mouth tingles when I eat melons – is this a food allergy?

A: It’s a kind of allergy called oral allergy syndrome, tied to the fact that some fruit and vegetable proteins are genetic cousins to certain pollens, like ragweed. Read the rest of this entry »

By Dana Wallace, MD

Q. How can I tell when to use auto-injectable epinephrine? I don’t want to use it or go to the hospital if it’s not necessary.

A. There is no way to predict how severe an anaphylaxis episode might become, so the time to begin treatment is when symptoms first develop. Read the rest of this entry »

It’s after the diagnosis! Now what!? That’s the question that prompted AANMA and American College of Allergy Asthma & Immunology to develop two Internet television productions sponsored by Mylan Specialty:

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Fooled Allergies: Finding Truth and Confidence

Published August - 30 - 2011

Food labeling laws and peanut-free ballparks are a few signs there’s much greater awareness of food allergies nowadays. But are things really getting any better for our kids?

My daughter Brooke grew up owning food allergies, anaphylaxis, the whole bit. Yes, I was scared at first — terrified, really. She was a baby! With asthma,
rhinitis, eczema and reflux disease! Sick and malnourished!

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Ask the Allergist: Itching for Chocolate?

Published May - 12 - 2011

By Bradley Chipps, MD

Q: Is there any such thing as chocolate allergy?

A: If there is, it’s very, very rare. More likely it’s milk or nuts in the candy that people are allergic to. Read the rest of this entry »

All in Good Taste: Spread Out a Safe Picnic

Published October - 5 - 2009

picnicby Christie Chapman

Includes AAT BONUS ONLINE: Less common allergens that may make an unwelcome appearance at picnics and barbecues.

Envision a mouth-watering picnic spread: Deviled eggs smooth and gleaming in the sunlight. Corn Read the rest of this entry »

When Will I Outgrow Food Allergies?

Published February - 10 - 2009

outgrow-aat-6_1One of the first things parents ask when their child is diagnosed with food allergy is, “When will he outgrow it?” That’s because it’s been conventional wisdom that most children outgrow food allergies – particularly milk and egg – within a few years. Today, however, research shows that food allergies persist into childhood longer. Read the rest of this entry »

Solving the Peanut Allergy Puzzle

Published February - 10 - 2009

peanutBy Dawn Merritt

Amy Altizer will never forget January 3, 2007. Not because it was her baby boy’s 3-month birthday. It was the day he had a life-threatening allergic reaction. Read the rest of this entry »

A Food Diary: Simple and Effective

Published February - 10 - 2009

fooddiary1Food allergies are on the rise worldwide, as is research into possible causes and cures. But even though doctors are seeing more patients with food-related symptoms, correctly diagnosing food allergies remains tricky. Read the rest of this entry »

Oral Allergy Syndrome

Published February - 5 - 2009

allergy2Do you ever get an itchy mouth when eating watermelon or cantaloupe? What about that luscious peach that left your gums raw and irritated?

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