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Summertime Tips for Easy Breathing

Published June - 12 - 2013

Controlling humidity is a breeze – literally

Summer heat goes hand-in-hand with humidity – but it doesn’t have to dampen your spirits or take your breath away. Leading nonprofit patient education Read the rest of this entry »

HEPA: Help or Hype?

Published June - 16 - 2011
Let’s clear the air about something: There’s no quick answer to questions such as
What kind of room air purifier should I buy?
Do I really need to spend the money for a HEPA filter?
What kind of vacuum should I get?
And you don’t want a quick paid-for endorsement or implied seal of approval to do the thinking for you. However, you can make informed decisions with a little advice from James Sublett, MD, a leading board-certified allergist and indoor air quality specialist. Read the rest of this entry »

catBy Mr. Whiskers, special correspondent to AAT

Look. When you brought me into your home, you made it all seem so nice. A doting family, long naps in the sun, no chores. I would have my run of the place, and you would cheerfully pluck my hairs from your dark-colored clothing.

Read the rest of this entry »

A Cautionary Tail

Published May - 6 - 2009

miceBy Dawn Merritt

When Jennifer and Jeff Hennes and their three boys moved into their dream home in July 2006, they hoped for an idyllic life in the country. What they got resembled a horror movie instead. Behind the walls of their house lurked the remains of lots of little bodies – mouse bodies. Read the rest of this entry »

detergentWhen A.J. Lumsdaine’s four-month-old baby developed small, bumpy red patches on his legs, the pediatrician identified the rash as eczema. His solution: Slather the baby’s skin with moisturizers.
Unfortunately, the eczema got worse. A blistery red rash soon blossomed over the baby’s entire body and face. Read the rest of this entry »

The TOXIC Smell of Freshness

Published February - 6 - 2009

toxic-cleanBy Dawn Merritt

Laundry isn’t usually a favorite household chore. So if you’re looking for a reason to skip it, we have one: The “clean” smell of your laundered clothes may give you cancer or trigger asthma symptoms. Read the rest of this entry »

sleep1Nocturnal asthma. Many parents know all too well the coughing, choking, wheezing and congestion that can keep their children – and the rest of the family – awake at night.

“When my 3-year-old’s asthma acts up, it definitely disrupts Read the rest of this entry »

veggies*** Award Winning Article:  International Davey Award, Silver Award

Your child’s teenage years are about more than homework and driver education training: It’s a critical time for building strong bones. We develop about one-half of our lifelong bone mass – not just length – in our teen years. Read the rest of this entry »

Indoor Air Quality Scavenger Hunt

Published January - 22 - 2009

Make your bedroom a retreat

Where you can breathe easy

Get rid of allergens and triggers

That make you wheezy Read the rest of this entry »

The Real Truth About Cats and Dogs

Published January - 20 - 2009

petsCan animal lovers with asthma and allergies learn to co-exist with their pet? Robert A. Wood, M.D., separates fact from fiction. Read the rest of this entry »