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Going The Distance

Published October - 11 - 2012

About one in 10 people experience bronchospasm during physical activity, whether it’s running a marathon, bicycling a few miles or swimming laps in a pool. Many don’t recognize the problem and simply avoid strenuous exercise.

Healthcare professionals call it EIB – exercise-induced bronchospasm. Read the rest of this entry »

Every Breath Tells a Story

Published October - 2 - 2012

Most of us know that the air we breathe affects our lungs. What you may not know is that the air you breathe out can tell us how.

For instance: We all exhale a little nitric oxide (NO). But too much nitric oxide is an indicator of lung inflammation, the underlying condition of asthma. Read the rest of this entry »

ACE Team Spotlight: Sharing the Know-How

Published August - 31 - 2012

South Bay Allergy & Asthma Associates' Joyce Schoettler, MD, Edward Buchsbalm, MD, Katie Marks, MD, and Christine Shim, FNP

By Gary Fitzgerald

Joyce Schoettler, MD, is always astonished when a child with anaphylaxis does not receive epinephrine – in some cases even after arriving at the emergency room.

Why? Too many people don’t take anaphylaxis seriously enough, Schoettler believes. Some turn to over-the-counter antihistamines as a first line of treatment.

This is “dangerous” – a point that Schoettler, Edward Buchsbalm, MD, and the nursing staff at South Bay Allergy & Asthma Associates in Torrance, Calif., drive home as part of AANMA’s Anaphylaxis Community Experts (ACEs) program.

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Ask the Allergist: Little Ears, Big Infections

Published August - 27 - 2012
By Talal Nsouli, MD
Q: Why does my baby get so many ear infections?
A: Nasal inflammation and congestion spreads easily to the middle ear, causing fluid to accumulate behind the eardrum. Read the rest of this entry »

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FDA’s Proposed New Paradigm

Published May - 1 - 2012

The Federal Register isn’t high on the average person’s reading list. It is the official Daily Journal of the U.S. government where federal agencies post announcements for public response:

On February 28, 2012, FDA posted a “new paradigm” for public consideration – Read the rest of this entry »

It’s no secret: Allergy and asthma families embrace solutions that offer freedom from symptoms, eliminate needless hardships and reduce wasteful spending.


In fact, we don’t accept bland very well. We are motivated to use whatever tools we can in order to get where we want to be when we want to be there. That’s exactly what “My Personal Allergy & Asthma Guide” delivers. Read the rest of this entry »

Nasal Allergies? Sniff This!

Published June - 1 - 2010

A look at how and why to use nasal sprays

Nasal asthma. Ever heard of it? Probably not, because I just made it up. Before you thumb your nose at the idea, consider that the nose and lower airways are all part of the respiratory pathway and share similar immune responses to allergens, irritants and viruses. And while it is possible to have one condition without the other, for many of us, nasal symptoms (rhinitis) usually herald the onset of asthma symptoms to come.

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