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People once believed that asthma was a nervous condition that required psychological counseling. Now we know better, but many myths and misunderstandings remain. Discover the truth.

Because You Asked about Asthma
What exactly is asthma and how does it relate to other respiratory conditions? Find out here.

Signs and Symptoms
Everything that wheezes is not asthma. What are some common – and uncommon – symptoms to watch for?

Cold air? A new apartment? What sets off your symptoms?

From medications to allergy-proofing to monitoring your lung function, there are many tools and techniques to control your symptoms.

Asthma and Pregnancy
Your baby needs oxygen, so taking care of your lungs is essential during pregnancy.

Specialist Referral
When should you go see a specialist? What kind of training should you look for?

Education is an ongoing process. Where can you turn when you want more?