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Myths [1]
People once believed that asthma was a nervous condition that required psychological counseling. Now we know better, but many myths and misunderstandings remain. Discover the truth.

Because You Asked about Asthma [2]
What exactly is asthma and how does it relate to other respiratory conditions? Find out here.

Signs and Symptoms [3]
Everything that wheezes is not asthma. What are some common – and uncommon – symptoms to watch for?

Triggers [4]
Cold air? A new apartment? What sets off your symptoms?

Treatment/Control [5]
From medications to allergy-proofing to monitoring your lung function, there are many tools and techniques to control your symptoms.

Asthma and Pregnancy [6]
Your baby needs oxygen, so taking care of your lungs is essential during pregnancy.

Specialist Referral [7]
When should you go see a specialist? What kind of training should you look for?

Resources [8]
Education is an ongoing process. Where can you turn when you want more?

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