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Newly Diagnosed?

The doctor said “asthma” and all you heard were snippets after that; shock and fear took over. Later, you’re left dazed and confused after receiving well-meaning advice from family and friends and surfing the Internet.

Never fear, help is here!

Newly Diagnosed? Six Steps From Confused to Confident — Read and/or print out this article from Allergy & Asthma Today magazine.

Asthma Action Plan — If you don’t have one, start here.

Anaphylaxis Action Plan — Know symptoms to watch for and what actions to take to treat life-threatening allergic reactions. Ask your healthcare professional to help fill out this form.

Indoor AIRepair kits — At Home, At School and At Play, developed by AANMA with funding from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What’s Behind that Wheeze? — AANMA takes you deep inside your lungs to understand what’s going on “when asthma happens.”

Respiratory Diseases in Children Under 5 — From our web hub for parents of babies and toddlers.

Mastering HFA Inhalers - Step-by-step instructions.

The Language of Asthma — Article and glossary of terms.



Recognizing the Signs of Asthma

All About Asthma Medications

Nebulizers:  When Only the Mist Will Do

NIH Asthma Guidelines
–> 6 Key Guidelines Implementation Panel (GIP) Messages

Peak Flow Meters

Labor of Love: Nancy Sander’s story of founding AANMA in 1985