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More information about respiratory symptoms and treatments

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  1. Basic Information on Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment [4]
  2. Recognizing Symptoms [5]
  3. Using Medication and Medical Devices [6]
  4. Living with Asthma [7]
  5. Eczema [8]
  6. Food Allergies
  7. Ask a Doctor [9]

Basic Information on Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment

Recognizing Symptoms

Using Medication and Medical Devices

Living with Asthma


Food Allergies

Ask a Doctor

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[4] Basic Information on Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment: #Basic Information on Asthma Diagnosis and Treatment

[5] Recognizing Symptoms: #Recognizing Symptoms

[6] Using Medication and Medical Devices: #Using Medication and Medical Devices

[7] Living with Asthma: #Living with Asthma

[8] Eczema: #Eczema

[9] Ask a Doctor: #Ask a Doctor

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[15] About Medications: http://www.aanma.org/2009/01/about-medications/

[16] Nebulizers — When only the mist will do: http://www.aanma.org/2009/06/nebulizers-mis/

[17] Baby Breaths: http://www.aanma.org/2009/03/baby-breaths/

[18] Nebulizer Basics: http://www.aanma.org/2009/03/nebulizer-basics/

[19] Mastering HFA Inhalers – Step-by-Step Instructions: http://www.aanma.org/2009/03/mastering-hfa-inhalers-%e2%80%93-step-by-step-instructions/

[20] Maximizing the Mist – Keep Inhalers Clean, Primed and Ready: http://www.aanma.org/2009/02/maximize-the-mist-keep-inhalers-clean-primed-and-ready/

[21] Holding Chambers and Spacers: http://www.aanma.org/2009/03/holding-chambers-and-spacers/

[22] Peak Flow Meters: http://www.aanma.org/2009/03/peak-flow-meters/

[23] Ins and Outs of Holding Chambers : http://www.aanma.org/pdf/AAT-Fall-07-Holding-Chamber-Challenge.pdf

[24] Nebulizer Know-How : http://www.aanma.org/pdf/Summer05-Nebulizer-Challenge.pdf

[25] Sleep Matters: Getting a Good Night’s Sleep with Asthma and Allergies: http://www.aanma.org/2009/02/sleep-matters-getting-a-good-night%e2%80%99s-sleep-with-asthma-and-allergies/

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[30] When Will I Outgrow Food Allergies?: http://www.aanma.org/2009/02/when-will-i-outgrow-food-allergies/

[31] Solving the Peanut Allergy Puzzle: http://www.aanma.org/2009/02/solving-the-peanut-allergy-puzzle/

[32] Cracking Open Egg Allergy: http://www.aanma.org/2009/02/cracking-open-egg-allergy/

[33] Click here to read questions from parents about their children’s respiratory symptoms, and answers from doctors!: http://www.aanma.org/publication/special-pubs/welcome-to-precious-breathers/prec-moreinfo/ask-a-doctor/

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