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Babies and Toddlers

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Here, you’ll find basic info about various reasons why your child might be having breathing problems—from common causes such as colds and teething, to more serious conditions such as asthma that require medical treatment. You’ll also find an online library of practical, family-friendly articles about some of the specific causes.
Medications [2]
Asthma begins with inflammation: The lining of the airways – the breathing tubes leading into your child’s lungs – becomes swollen, inflamed and clogged with mucus and fluid.
H1N1 Flu [3]
Novel H1N1 flu [4] is a new influenza virus that is spreading throughout the country and around the world. Because most people have little or no immunity to it, medical experts expect it to cause widespread infection.
En Español [5]
Quiere saber más sobre los síntomas respiratorios de su hijo, o cómo distinguir entre un simple resfrío, flu o asma, esta sección le dará respuestas a sus preguntas.
Podcast [6]
Listen to physicians and parents talk about topics that matter to you, from respiratory symptoms to H1N1 flu.
More Information [7]
AANMA publishes practical, family-friendly articles in its award-winning Allergy & Asthma Today magazine [8] as well as in The MA Report, our flagship newsletter (now online! [9]). For even more useful information, news and tips, subscribe to Allergy & Asthma Today, or give a subscription as a gift to someone you know with asthma or allergies. For access to our full article archives, join AANMA today [10]!


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