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mc_art_rexmorgan Rex Morgan, M.D. Comic Strip Focuses on Asthma

Though Rex Morgan, M.D. practices medicine directly out of the newspaper comic pages, his message is no laughing matter. Reaching 30 million readers per day, the story strip deals with serious health, political, personal, and social issues. And for 16 weeks from January to April 2001, the strip followed one mother’s battle to help her son with asthma breathe.Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA) was so impressed with the strip’s real-life portrayal of asthma that we contacted its writer, Woody Wilson. After reviewing our materials, Woody decided AANMA would be an excellent resource for his readers and listed our toll-free 800 number in the April 23, 2001, strip.

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The asthma storyline is no longer running in papers, but you can read it in its entirety right here:
Rex Morgan, M.D. – Part 1 (1.6 MB .pdf file)
Rex Morgan, M.D. – Part 2 (1.0 MB .pdf file)
Rex Morgan, M.D. – Part 3 (1.6 MB .pdf file)
Rex Morgan, M.D. – Part 4 (372 KB .pdf file)