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Free two-part Internet television program shows parents and teachers how to handle food allergy in school and families how to serve healthy allergen-free meals at home

WASHINGTON, D.C., AUG. 30, 2011 — A food allergy diagnosis can be emotional for parents who fear their children will forever be in danger of an anaphylactic reaction and may never live a normal life. These fears are compounded every year, as children across the country return to the classroom and are exposed to a variety of foods that could potentially spur an allergic reaction.

With back-to-school season upon us, Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA) has created two easy-to-view Internet television programs that will help parents better understand and safely manage food allergies, both at home and at school.

Part one, ‘Food Allergies & Anaphylaxis at School: Real World Solutions,’ brings together a panel of individuals all affected by food allergies in different ways. The panel, comprised of an allergist, school principal, psychologist, nurse and parent of two children with food allergies, debates this highly charged topic, working through issues such as ‘peanut-free’ and ‘allergy-free zones,’ and how to determine when a child is ready to self-administer auto-injectable epinephrine, the only drug that reverses an anaphylactic episode.

Most episodes at school resolve on their own, but those that don’t are usually because an auto-injectable epinephrine was used too late. The panel discussion highlights the importance of educating first responders—teachers, school nurses and students with food allergies—on how and when to use auto-injectable epinephrine, to prevent deaths from anaphylaxis.

“Accidental exposures to food allergens will happen—but they don’t have to be fatal,” says Nancy Sander, President and Founder of Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics. “We created this program to help families and educators confidently integrate food allergy concerns at home and at school, have the information they need to be prepared, enjoy mealtimes, feel safe and most importantly prevent deaths from anaphylaxis.”

Mealtimes at home can be especially difficult for families affected by food allergy. Parents often wonder what foods are safe and want to make sure their children with food allergies can enjoy a home-cooked meal without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. In part two, ‘Chef 2 Go: Food Allergy Intervention,’ Chef Ryan Hutmacher, owner of Centered Chef, finds an unsuspecting family in a local grocery store struggling with a laundry list of forbidden foods.  Alongside board-certified allergist Dana Wallace, M.D., Chef Ryan teaches the family how to plan, grocery shop and prepare a delicious and healthy meal that avoids a long list of food allergies.

The Internet broadcasts are part of the Anaphylaxis Community Experts (ACE) program, a national, award-winning partnership between AANMA and the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI) with the support of Mylan Specialty, L.P.

The television shows are free and available for viewing on AANMA’s website,

For more information on the Anaphylaxis Community Experts (ACEs) program and resources for managing food allergy at home and at school, please visit

About ACEs

Anaphylaxis Community Experts (ACEs) is an award-winning national program to raise awareness, reduce anxiety and eliminate deaths due to anaphylaxis through education, advocacy and outreach. This program is sponsored by Mylan Specialty, L.P.


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