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Third place:

AANMA Mystery Story

By David Brennan

As I was heading home from the movie theater, I tripped over my own feet.  Embarrassed, I hoped nobody saw what I had done, but then a hand appeared. I grabbed it and it helped me up. I looked up and saw the person who had helped me was a boy about 16 years old.

I said hi, and I quickly found out we lived on the same street. We walked home together. We became instant friends. I asked his name. He said it was Charles M. Hankins. I told him my name, and then I hurried home.

I told my mom about my new friend. But her answer surprised me. She said, “You must be mistaken. Charles M. Hankins has been dead for two years.”

I said, “But I saw him as I was coming home from the movie theater! He was nice to me! How do you even know he is dead?!”

“It was a famous crime.  No one ever found the killer. That’s right. Charles M. Hankins was murdered.”

Frustrated and angry, I ran out of the house. I looked to find my new friend. I went to his address. He was at the front door. He said his parents were out of the house. He offered to give me a tour of the house. I politely accepted and he took me upstairs. I quickly started coughing. I took out my inhaler and took a puff. “Sorry, asthma” I said.

He offered to show me a cool cave they had in his backyard. I accepted and I followed him on a path into the forest. The path quickly faded away and all that was left was a dirt road with the plants cleared off. Strange birds chirped in the trees. We reached the cave. Then I remembers. I told him, “Sorry, but I have asthma. I can’t go in.”

Suddenly, a black bag was put over my head, and my supposed friend was racing me into the depths of the cave. I was coughing so hard, and then I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was sitting in a hospital bed, with my parents and the police sitting in front of me. I was given a special inhaler and then I had to talk to the police. They told me how they rescued me. I have a cell phone, and I brought it with me to the imposter’s house. My mom has a special feature on her cell phone so it can detect where mine is. I couldn’t call anyone with the bag over my head. When I wasn’t answering (and I promised I would always answer no matter what), she called the police.

They heard my coughing and ran into the cave. The imposter is in jail for 10 years, for kidnapping, and now I can forget this ever happened … I hope.

Editor’s note: David has asthma and he is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.

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