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Second Place:

Allergy and Asthma Mystery Story

By Nicole Koefler

Bobby and Janet’s parents had just bought a wooden chest from their neighbors, the Stevenson’s. As they went through the chest, they found a map at the very bottom. It seemed to be a map of their neighborhood!

At the top of the map were directions to follow their street down to the very end and then go into the old maze. Being as curious as they were, Bobby and Janet headed out of their house and ran down the street with their new map. As they approached the maze Bobby took the map and looked at the directions. They entered and took a sharp left.

At the next intersection they had to make a choice, left or right.

“Which way should we go?” asked Janet.

Bobby looked at the map and saw that it said “Turn Left,” but to the left was completely coated in dust! Bobby knew that if he went that way that he would sneeze and cough the whole time and not be able to go on from his allergy. Bobby made the decision to go to the right even with the map saying to go opposite.

Each time they came to the next turn, Janet would ask “Which way now?” and Bobby would always say the opposite of the dust path.

The next intersection they came to was different. This one had three different turns. The map said to go straight, but just as they were going to pick, cats came out of the left and the straight path. Janet was terribly allergic to cats and knew that she could not go down those two paths. They decided the right path was best. They kept following this, avoiding dust and the cats.

“I wonder what’s at the end of this,” Bobby said.

“Whatever it is, someone put a lot of work into it. This is interesting!” Janet exclaimed.

It took them a few more minutes to finally get to what seemed to be the last intersection. As they came to it they noticed a very sweet smell. It was coming from the left hall. Bobby and Janet followed the smell and they saw a table with what looked to be bread. Out of the corner of her eye, Janet saw a man. As she turned, she saw it was their neighbor Mr. Stevenson!

“Hello kids!” said Mr. Stevenson. “I see you found my surprise!”

“What do you mean?” Bobby asked.

“Well, when I sold your parents the chest, I didn’t want it to be boring for you. So I set this up with the map from the chest. I knew about your allergies and that you would avoid those turns! When my friend gave my wife and bananas, I couldn’t eat them from my allergy, so Mrs. Stevenson cooked this banana bread for you two!”

“Thank you so much Mr. Stevenson! We love it,” said Janet.

Bobby and Janet enjoyed the banana bread together after thanking the Stevenson’s for the whole experience.

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