Allergy & Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics (AANMA)
AATCoverFall2014 VOLUME 12, ISSUE 3


Back to School With Confidence
How parents, schools can prevent bullying
By Gary Fitzgerald

Asthma and Allergies Go to College
Tips for campus life

By Zach Holka

‘Put Me In, Coach’
Helping athletes with asthma play it safe
By Gary Fitzgerald

Avoid the September Asthma Peak
Immune System Smarts

Food For Thought
Student’s science project shows how diet impacts asthma
By Jordan Tessler

$ave on Prescriptions? Here’s How
New Prescription Drug Card program

Calming the Cough At Work
Asthma and allergies in the workplace
By Laurie Ross


Reader Letters

News & Views
Flu News • DUI…For Allergy? • Acne Creams and Anaphylaxis • Pregnant? Clear the Air at Home? • Allergy Shots Reduce Infections • Control Asthma Now, Benefit Later • Recent FDA Approvals

Asthma Education
Women Face Unique Challenges

Ask the Allergist
SLIT Decision: New Allergy Tables

Advocates IN Action
‘In Ben’s Memory’

5 Myths About…
The Flu

Anaphylaxis Education
After the Sting

ACE Spotlight
USAnaphylaxis™ Summits Inspire Change

Food Allergy
Is a 504 Plan Right For Your Child?

All In Good Taste
Fall Family Treat: Pumpcornbread

On Eczema
When Eczema Goes to School

Rare Diseases
Hereditary Angioedema

Activities and advice for kids!