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AANMA’s newsletter, The MA Report, features practical allergy and asthma management information along with the latest allergy and asthma news, medical updates, product reviews and advocacy initiatives.

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November 2010

  • Labor of Love: The Little Newsletter That Started It All
  • Ask Dr. White: Looking Back on 25 Years 
  • Whatever Happened to H1N1 Flu?
  • Take Two: Always Carry Two Epinephrine Auto-Injectors at School
  • Asthma in the House
  • Food Bites: Everyone’s Cereal and “Are You Nuts?” Bar
  • Catch Up with Brooke & Alyssa!
  • A Tale of Three Cities: Asthma Support in Baltimore, Chicago and Richmond

March 2010

  • AANMA Members Reach Out to Earthquake Victims
  • Safe at School: South Dakota Makes 50!
  • Ask Dr. White: Holding Chambers
  • OSC Kathy Poehling: “Asthma Changed My Life – Now I’m Giving Back”
  • Food Bites: Dr. Lucy’s Allergy-Free Cookies
  • Are Women More Asthma-Prone?
ma-report-12-09 December 2009

  • A Spoonful of Sugar: Giving Medicine to Kids
  • Ask Dr. White: The RSV-Asthma Connection
  • Food Bites: Sulfites vs. Sulfates
  • What’s (in) Your Cup of Tea?
  • AANMA Bulletin
  • OSC Spotlight: Susanna Boeck, PRECIOUS Breathers volunteer

October 2009

  • One Flu Over the Couscous Nest: H1N1, plus Top Ten Flu Fighters
    Did you knows germs lurk on your salt and pepper shakers… fridge handle… remote control… and many other household objects?
    CSI Anaphylaxis: A Meat Allergy Mystery
    The dynamic new world of AANMA 2.0
ma-report-1-09 May 2009

  • AANMA asks Congress to help stop asthma deaths at our 12th annual Asthma Awareness Day Capitol Hill
  • Is It Asthma? A screening story
  • Traveling with Food Allergies: Tips from a teen
  • Ask Dr. White: Exercise-induced asthma
  • What’s Bugging You? Antibiotics 411
  • Allergy-free olive oil
  • Stop Smoking: An online program to help you
  • Meet AANMA Alums: All grown up and helping others

January 2009

  • From Dinette to Internet: The MA Report has gone digital! We’ll email you when each issue is ready (make sure we have your address!) and you’ll be able to read it online, with new interactive features
  • Ask Dr. White: What causes hives?
  • It’s Flu Season: Are you Ready?: Did you get your flu shot this year? If not, make a note to get one next November or December.
  • Alumni Club: Long-term members write about how AANMA has affected their lives.
  • Food Bites: Thomas, Let’s Eat: Adventures of a Fearless Eater – Tips for stress-free dining out with food allergies.
  • The New World of HFA Bronchodilators: Get the facts about the new HFA inhalers
  • Tidbitz: quickie flu test and medication news

December 2008

  • …to Grandmother’s house we go… Keeping children and adults with allergies or asthma healthy at family holiday get-togethers
  • Ask Dr. White: Can you have an allergic reaction to the smell of a food?
  • Food Bites: An online tool makes shopping easier for people with food allergies
  • Readers Talk About HFAs: Questions and answers about new HFA inhalers
ma-oct08 October 2008

  • The TOXIC Smell of Freshness: Finding alternatives to common household cleaners that irritate sensitive airways
  • Take a Bite Out of Halloween Fright: Ideas for allergy-safe trick-or-treat time
  • How Healthy is Your School? “Green” cleaning recommendations and award-winning school programs

September 2008

  • Around the World with Flu Germs: Annual flu shots can stop the spread of flu germs
  • Pick and Choose Flu Vaccines: Chart of six vaccines approved in U.S.
  • Food Bites: Preventing food allergy in babies; Flax allergy
  • Breathing on a Budget: Family-friendly tips to keep medication costs down
  • Teacher’s Pet? Hissing cockroaches in the classroom
MA Report March 2008

  • Let’s Talk About Breathing: AANMA’s 2008 Advocacy Conference Review
  • Food Bites: Some heart-healthy foods are dangerous for people with fish allergy
  • Mothers’ Choice Award: Congresswoman Nita M. Lowey (D-NY) receives AANMA’s 2008 award

June 2008

  • A Mother’s Intuition: Persistence pays when it comes to diagnosing food allergy
  • Food Bites: Nutrition to counteract bone-depleting effects of corticosteroids
  • Take a Breather: Photos and stories from AANMA HFA poster campaign
ma-april08 April 2008

  • CFC Inhaler Countdown: What you need to know about new HFA metered-dose inhalers
  • The Skin You’re In: A mom’s story about taking care of her son’s eczema
  • Pregnant? Go Mediterranean! Can this diet help pregnant women prevent allergy and asthma in their babies?
  • Helpline: AANMA answers your question about travelling and air pollution
ma-oct07 October 2007

  • What Makes You Wheezy? We outline five classifications of asthma
  • How Clean Are Your Hands? The Clean Hands Report Card gives parents a C – and students a D!
  • Make Flu Season “No Worries” The importance of getting a flu shot
  • Oral Allergy Syndrome: Does eating fruits or vegetables make your mouth itch?

June 2007

  • AANMA Asthma Conference: Building Blocks for Advocacy A review of AANMA’s 2007 conference
  • Kids Can Be Advocates, Too Fun and games – with lots of learning built in
  • Mothers’ Choice Award: Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) receives AANMA’s 2007 award

March 2007

  • Your Nose: The Ultimate Air Cleaner How to keep nasal passages clear and healthy
  • Nasal Wash: The home remedy that really works
  • Love is in the Air: The facts of life concerning pollen and tree allergy
  • Ask Dr. White: Could my baby have GERD?
  • Food Bites: An expanded list of tree nut allergens

January 2007

  • Flu Preparedness at Home: How to prepare and prevent pandemic or seasonal flu in your family
  • Antivirals, Seasonal Flu and You: What medications are available to treat flu?
  • Smart Pain Relief: Understanding the different types of pain relievers