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Is a 504 Plan Right For Your Child?

The first day of school brings out the jitters in everyone – even parents. If your child has food allergies, your anxieties may be multiplied. You want to ensure your child is safe within the school environment. Is this the time to consider a 504 Plan? “All families have the right to request a 504 […]

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What’s Your Emergency Plan?

Hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires tornadoes, flooding – natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. Their suddenness shouldn’t catch asthma and allergy patients off guard. When natural disasters happen, you may have only precious minutes to grab what you need for a few days, weeks, or longer.

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How Parents, Schools Can Prevent Bullying

Eight-year-old Abigail arrives at school every morning with her green and pink polka-dot medical bag on her shoulder. Inside, she carries her asthma inhaler and an epinephrine auto-injector in case she experiences an allergic reaction to one of her food allergens: eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. Abigail’s fourth-grade classmates are well aware of her asthma […]

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Asthma and Allergies Go to College

Last year, in an article for Allergy & Asthma Today magazine, Andrea Holka wrote about her son Zach’s transition to college at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Neb., and her feelings of “letting go” as Zach began a new chapter in his life. This year, Zach, who has asthma and egg allergy, discusses how he […]

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After the Sting

For most people stung by a bee, there’s a burning sensation at the sting site followed by a red bump that aches and itches. Other people may experience more serious reactions – widespread swelling, hives, shortness of breath, fainting or worse.

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How USAnaphylaxis™ Summits Inspire Change

Mark Holbreich, MD, left last year’s USAnaphylaxis™ Summit in Washington, D.C., inspired to make a real difference in the lives of schoolchildren with life-threatening allergies. He returned to Indianapolis and immediately started calling colleagues.

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Insect Sting Webinar Highlights Prevention, Treatment

In Hopewell, N.Y., a historical marker commemorates the 1814 death of Timothy Ryan — the second known fatality in North America from an insect sting, according to the plaque. Two hundred years later, we still see at least 50 deaths a year from stings, many due to anaphylaxis.

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New York State Epinephrine Bills Need Your Support!

Spread the news: Two pieces of critical legislation affecting schoolchildren with life-threatening allergies in New York State are on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s desk awaiting signature. You can help complete passage of these bills by contacting the governor and encouraging him to sign!

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Women Breathe Free: A Program to Help Women Control Their Asthma

  Allergy & Asthma Network is now recruiting participants for Women Breathe Free, an asthma education program made especially for women — with the goal of helping women everywhere gain better control over their asthma, and their lives. The program will help women develop asthma management skills to handle situations and symptoms that can lead […]

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How to Baby Your Skin

Summertime tips for taming eczema When Beth’s eczema flares, she gets itchy red blotches on the backs of her arms – and sometimes from nose to cheek. “Just the left side,” she says. “Never on the right. This month, I’ve got a dime-size spot on my hand that won’t go away.”